The National Development and Reform Commission plans to standardize the construction of the standards system for the Internet of Things market

Xu Jianping, deputy director of the High Technology Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, revealed at the annual work meeting of the National Gold Card Project on December 27 that the National Development and Reform Commission has jointly drafted the "Promoting China's Internet of Things" in an orderly manner with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Standards Committee. Notice of Development and has been reported. The notice aims to strengthen the top-level design of China's Internet of Things development, further unify understanding, and clarify the overall thinking and main tasks of the development of the Internet of Things.

Xu Jianping pointed out that the current development of the Internet of Things still faces some outstanding problems that need to be solved urgently. For example, lack of long-term strategic planning, insufficient information security awareness, mature business application models have not yet formed, standards and other specifications are still not perfect, and some places are different. To a certain extent, there are phenomena such as the use of the Internet of Things concept, speculation, and disorderly development. He introduced that the notice will coordinate the industrialization of IoT technology research and development, the construction of standard systems, the innovation of service models and the construction of information security systems.

Analysts pointed out that the first condition for the large-scale landing of the Internet of Things is the establishment of a standard system. If the application standards of IoT between industries and enterprises are difficult to reach, it will make it difficult for IoT projects to “connect”.

Xu Jianping introduced that the National Development and Reform Commission has initiated the construction of the national Internet of Things technical standards and application standards.

However, the industry believes that the establishment of the standard system is a complex process. The Internet of Things standard system includes both the underlying technology standards, such as frequency, modulation, interface standards, and operational management standards, such as user authentication and business processes. The grammar and semantics of the business logo, etc., therefore, the overall standards of the Internet of Things are difficult to introduce in the short term, but the application standards of various industries may be the first to be introduced.

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