What will be good for oral ulcers to eat?

In the case of oral ulcers, many people are only eager to know how to treat oral ulcers, but in the daily diet still do not pay attention, so that in addition to the treatment of oral ulcers, but also lead to its deterioration. Therefore, at the same time, we should also cooperate with good eating habits.


1, eat more zinc foods to promote wound healing, such as oysters, animal liver, lean meat, eggs, peanuts, walnuts and so on.

2, eat more foods rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, is conducive to ulcer healing. Therefore, we should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, eggplant, carrots, white radish, cabbage, and spinach.

3, do not eat spicy, fragrant dry, warm, hot food, such as onions, ginger, wolfberry, garlic, pepper, pepper, cattle and sheep, dog meat.

4. Avoid smoke, alcohol, coffee and stimulants.

5, drink plenty of water, try to avoid irritation.

6, the diet should be soft, easy to digest, in severe cases can be given semi-liquid diet.

7, avoid excessive consumption of acid, alkali, spicy or fried foods.

8, eat fresh and light dishes, avoid eating cream thick taste of things.

When treating patients, they need to make reasonable arrangements for their dietary habits, to ensure that the diet will not worsen the deterioration of oral ulcers, and for oral ulcers, patients should be treated as soon as possible because of the possibility of cancerous changes in oral ulcers, patients must be as soon as possible Treat oral ulcers.

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