The characteristics and key points of the pig breeding

Pork breeding characteristics: Xiangxiang pig has a small size, thin skin, tender meat, fine bone, early maturity and excellent meat quality, resistant to roughage, adaptability, easy management, slow growth and so on. For feed: Xiang pigs are mainly stocked and often eat green grasses such as weeds and fragrant rice, so that the milk has a special fragrance. Each gilt (2-4 months old) consumes 0.2% of feed per day per head. Kg, green feed 1kg. On average, pregnant and lactating sows consume 0.4 kg of concentrate feed per head and 2 kg of green feed, which consumes less material. In terms of feeding environment, it is required to have a high barn, a quiet environment when feeding, and a bigger playground. Pig management: The pigs are sexually mature, resistant to inbreeding, and are genetically stable. When the boar was 8 kg old at 2 months of age, there was a crawling sex. Sows are estrus at 3 months of age and can be bred at 4 months of age, with an average of 7-10 litters per litter. The ratio of male to female is 1:8-10.

Pig breeding points: 1, pig selection. During the introduction, the appearance, growth and development, pedigree, and genetic defects of the pig should be strictly examined. The characteristics of the breed must be obvious, the reproductive function should be strong, and the pedigree card of the pig should be brought back for preservation for future reference. 2, the environment choice. The introduction of pigs must meet the local people's living consumption levels and economic development needs. At the same time, we must understand the characteristics of breeds, climate, feeding and management, in order to determine the domestication of terroir after the introduction of pigs, and create the necessary feeding and management conditions, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the pig breeding. 3, climate requirements. When the pig is introduced, it is best to end the spring and after a warm summer, to spend the autumn and winter season when the temperature gradually decreases, and to require the cold protection work after winter, and gradually adapt to the local natural conditions. 4, pig species age. Introducing piglets is best to introduce young pigs that are about 4 months old or younger. Pigs have a strong adaptability in the young age stage, and they easily accept the changed external living conditions. The pigs introduced at the beginning should not be dispersed and should be concentrated in one or several pig farms to create good feeding and management conditions for feeding. At the same time, observation records should be made and breeding and breeding should be well done. 5. Spread of epidemic prevention. When introduced from other places, they should be isolated and reared for 1-2 months, strengthen prevention and disinfection, pay attention to the threat of exterminating and preventing endemic parasitic diseases and infectious diseases, and ensure the safety of introducing pig breeds.

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