Identification and Prevention of Potato Early Blight

The potato early blight spot first appeared on the older leaves of the plant in the field. Small spots began to appear, then gradually expanded, the lesions were dry, round or oval, limited by veins, sometimes with angular edges. The expansion of old and new lesions will cause chlorosis, necrosis, and dehydration of the entire leaf, but it is generally not fallen. The lesions on the tubers, dark brown, sag, round or irregular shape, often appear purple bulges around the edges, when the rot is immersed in water, yellow or light yellow.

Prevention and control methods: First, implement the rotation of crop rotation, clean up the pastoral area, transport the stubble leaves out of the ground and burn it out, so as to reduce the source of bacteria and delay the onset time. The second is stone-foot fertilizer, strengthening management. The plants grow robustly and increase their resistance to disease. The third is to choose high-yield varieties. The fourth is to carry out chemical control, in the early stage of the disease, timely spraying mancozeb, chlorothalonil and other bactericidal protective agents, will play a certain effect.

Vegetable Powder

Vegetable powder is a powdered vegetable particle made from vegetable raw materials that are dried and dehydrated first, and then further crushed; or first be mashed, and then spray-dried to be uniform. Covers carrot powder, tomato powder, potato powder, pumpkin powder, red beet powder, spinach powder, celery powder, yam powder and other vegetable categories. Weaned infants and young children cannot or cannot eat vegetables due to insufficient tooth development, elderly people are inconvenient to eat vegetables due to poor teeth or loss of teeth, and some adults reduce their intake of vegetables due to work or other reasons, so vegetable powder There is a wide market in this group of people. In addition, vegetable powder is also a pure natural coloring agent (carrot powder, tomato powder, spinach powder, red beet powder, celery powder, pumpkin powder, etc.), and is an excellent raw material for processed vegetable bread, vegetable noodles, specialty foods, etc. .
Vegetable powder can be applied to almost all areas of food processing, can be used to improve the nutritional content of food, and improve its color and flavor, etc.

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