Late corn top dressing

Nowadays, it is a good time for fertilizers for late corn. Experts and scientists in the agricultural technology promotion department of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, in-depth field guide farmers in the pursuit of fertilizers for late corn, promote deep-seated and make demonstrations, and face the teaching to farmers. The benefits of deep-dressing of late corn were deeply welcomed by farmers.

Farmers in many places today do not sow superior late-season corn after harvesting wheat to increase yields. Because of its high yield and good management, it is the dominant crop that seizes tons of grain per year. When the late corn that grows on the plane grows to a foot or more high, it is a critical period for us to get up and grow fat. There may be some farmers who are accustomed to past fertilization methods. This saves time and labor, and spreads urea on the ground. This type of open-air topdressing method can not evaporate fertilizer if it does not rain. Manpower wasted money again. At the same time, due to late fertilization of corn, it will inevitably affect corn production after autumn.

To this end, the author appeals that: The majority of farmers in the main increase in production of late corn fertilizer, among others, to change some people in the past plans to save the province to open top dressing methods, topdressing fertilizer to promote deeper. From some farmers' conclusions, the practical experience of "fertilizer can not be used for deeper stimulation and yield increase and guaranteed harvest" has been enlightened. At present, it is a good season for chemical fertilizers for late corn. The staff of the rural grass-roots agro-technical department must also go deep into the fields and impart to the farmers the benefits of deep-seeding fertilizers in late-night corn, changing the phenomenon of some people applying top-dressing on the ground.

Laser Distance Meter 50M

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