Chick opening age

The length of the opening day is related to the breed, heredity, word management, and hatching season of the chicken. In general, light-shelled white-shell chickens mature earlier, medium-sized brown-shelled chickens and tribute-type chickens mature later. The sexual maturity of chickens can be inherited in the early morning and evening. Practice has proved that continuous selection can increase sexual maturity. Early and late opening of the mouth should be properly controlled, especially for meat breeders. Measures to prevent premature maturation include artificially controlling light and restricting feed intake.
There are two ways to calculate the age of a hen. One is the number of days from the hatch of the newborn to the production of the first egg. This method of hens must be kept in a single cage or a white closed egg box for individual records. The other method is to calculate the opening age of the flock when the whole group egg production rate reaches 50%. This method can measure the chicken's precocity and feeding management level. The age at the time when the 50% egg production rate was reached was similar to the opening age calculated for each chicken and juice.

FDA Certified Kids Face Masks

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