How to buy feed mill

First of all, it is necessary to select models that have passed the tests and appraisals issued by the Agricultural Machinery Test and Appraisal Station of the Ministry of Agriculture or the relevant provincial (municipal, district) agricultural machine test appraisal station and issued a "License for Agricultural Machinery Promotion." This model has advanced performance, good safety and reliable quality.
Secondly, to purchase more models that are popular in the region, you may wish to visit nearby farmers to see the effect of actual use and ask if the accessories are locally available, if there is no accessory supplier, the future accessories It's a hassle if you can't buy it.
Third, the type of feed mills should use different models depending on the raw materials. For crushing grain feeds, hammer mills with top feed can be selected; for crushing bran wheat feeds, claw mills can be selected; if good versatility is required, such as crushing grains, In consideration of cakes and stalks, tangential feeding hammer mills can be selected. If pre-mixed feed is used for pre-processing, the product must be finely crushed and can be adjusted according to needs. Special-purpose sieve-free smashing should be selected. machine.
Fourth, choose the model with the right production capacity according to your own farming scale. The crusher's rated capacity is contained in the manual and nameplate of the general crusher. However, two things should be noticed: First, the rated production capacity contained is generally based on the comminuted corn, the moisture content is the storage of safe moisture (about 13%) and the diameter of the 1.2mm diameter sieve in the state of the Taiwan production, which is because corn is Commonly used grain feeds, sieves with a diameter of 1.2 mm in diameter, are the smallest sieves commonly used. In this case, the production capacity is small, which takes into account the more common and difficult conditions in production. The second is to select the crusher, its production capacity should be slightly larger than the actual production capacity, to avoid the hammer mill wear, air leakage caused by the wind mill, etc., will not affect the continuous production and supply of feed.

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