Control method of straw mushroom Trichoderma

Trichoderma, also known as green mold, can secrete xymycin, which contains a strong cellulase, and inhibits and kills grass-cut cells. Propagation is rapid and can cause serious reduction of straw mushroom production, and even harvest.
Control methods: 1 selection of strong viable, anti-mildew quality strains, culture materials exposure 2 to 3 days, before stacking with 2% to 3% lime soak. 2 Ventilate the mushroom house to prevent high temperature and high humidity. 3 Found mildew, injection of 800 times the carbendazim solution in the mold, mold found in the trampoline, covered with lime powder in time, and spray 1 to 2 times 0.1% clomazone solution for prevention and treatment.

Convenience Food means that it can be prefabricated, or it can be eaten now. The food is made into semi-finished products or finished products, and then frozen. It can be easily processed at any time and can be eaten anytime and anywhere.
Features of convenience food:

1. Easy to eat and easy to carry. Convenience foods are packed in specifications and are easy to carry. They are easy to process when they are eaten. They only need to be rehydrated, thawed or heated slightly to save time and effort.

2, nutritious, health and safety. Convenience foods are processed with reasonable ingredients and foods, and undergo strict sanitary inspection, sterilization and packaging, so the nutrition is rich, safe and reliable.

3. Low cost and low price. Convenience foods use large-scale industrialized centralized production, which can make full use of food resources and achieve comprehensive utilization, thus greatly reducing production costs and sales prices.

Convenience Food

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