How to buy an industrial oven

Document.write('') Industrial oven purchase considerations four points decomposition:
1, made to order. Capacity determines the size specification. Meet production needs. High capacity, you can choose the crawler industrial oven document.write(''). That is, we say drying production line, tunnel furnace , drying tunnel .
2. Temperature. The choice is 10 degrees higher than the actual use temperature. According to the process requirements, calculate the actual required temperature difference to ensure the baking effect. For example: If the temperature is 150 degrees, 220 degrees, 360 degrees, 440 degrees, do it at a high design temperature of 500 degrees. 4 temperatures, if it is the same product. Control the Zui good choice of thyristor. Different products, when used at low temperatures, the temperature difference is slightly larger. The actual use of 150 degrees and 220 degrees, no low temperature oven is good. Using a medium temperature 500 degree oven, the 150 degree baking temperature difference is 2 to 5 degrees higher than the low temperature 250 degree oven. Also depends on the quality of the equipment of the manufacturer.
3. Discharge. How to get the product into it. You can document.write('') industrial oven document.write('') layering. Configuration tray, there are network disk, physical disk, punching disk. If you have more, you can use the rack and the frame. But pay attention to a problem. Whether the operator is convenient to operate.
4. Place the venue. If document.write('') industrial oven document.write('') ​​is placed on the floor. To consider whether you can enter the elevator and enter the elevator.

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