Hot pot also has taboos

As the weather turned cold, many people couldn't wait to eat the hot pot. However, many patients with chronic diseases are not suitable for high-fat, high-salt diets. When eating hot pots, they should be cooked with less oil and less salt. Hot pot cooking is a method of cooking, scalding, and simmering. If we can prepare hot pot materials, we can count everyone's food intake, and prepare more vegetables, mainly based on the original flavor of the food. Then the hot pot can be regarded as a healthy diet. But don't ignore the crisis hidden in ingredients and soup.

Meatballs and dumplings hide highly saturated oils. People with cardiovascular diseases should pay attention to their weight. The soup contains mostly purine, sodium, and potassium, and hyperuricemia and kidney disease patients should reduce intake. As for most of the sauces that contain large amounts of salt and oil, people with high blood pressure and those who lose weight should use less material. Spicy hot pot has always been a lot of people love and hate because of its use of materials will stimulate the stomach and blood pressure, high blood pressure and gastrointestinal discomfort is best avoided.

In recent years, there are many taboos on the popular grilled hot pot, such as cream on a baking sheet, cardiovascular diseases and those who need to lose weight should reduce the amount of oil. The last thing to watch out for is sugary and alcoholic drinks. People with diabetes should pay attention to their weight. (Source: Information Times)

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