Autumn brooding room temperature control

Chick body temperature regulation ability is poor, lower than adult chicken body temperature 3 °C, chicks thin villi, thin skin, less subcutaneous fat, poor insulation capacity, body temperature regulation function to be gradually improved after 2 weeks of age, so maintain proper temperature in the fall brooding It is essential for the health and normal development of chicks.

It is directly related to the appropriate temperature of the environment for the chicks to feed on the amount of drinking water, various physiological activities in the body, whether the digestion and absorption of feed is normal, and the resistance to diseases. When the temperature is too low, the chicks are chilly and intensive, affecting the absorption of yolk, affecting the ability to resist disease, and sometimes causing colds and diarrhea. In severe cases, they are squeezed together to cause a lot of injuries and death. If the temperature is too high, it will affect the normal metabolism of the chicks, loss of appetite, weak constitution, developmental delay, causing spasms, but also susceptible to colds and respiratory diseases.

In autumn, the temperature is low and the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large. Therefore, the younger the chick is, the higher the temperature stability is. The temperature difference in the initial day should be controlled within 3°C, and the temperature difference should be controlled within 6°C in the later period of brooding, so as to avoid significant loss of production due to temperature instability.

To judge whether the temperature is appropriate, you can't just look at the display of the thermometer. You should observe the performance temperature of the chicks. When appropriate, the chicks are evenly spread in the brooding room. The spirit is lively, the appetite is good, the drinking water is moderate, and when the temperature is low, it is near the heat source. Sound; chicks away from heat when overheated, stretch their wings and wheezing, squeaking.

In addition, temperature control should be flexibly controlled based on changes in the flock and the weather:

1. It is possible to slightly lower the temperature of the strong chicks. In the proper temperature range, the temperature is lower and the temperature is higher. The chicks have large feed intake, large amounts of exercise, and fast growth.

2. At night, because the activity of the chicks is small, the temperature should be 1°C~2°C higher than the daytime.

3. The temperature should be properly increased when the autumn cold hits.

4. When severance and vaccination cause more stimulation to the flock, it is also necessary to raise the brooding temperature to reduce the loss.

5. When the chick population is in poor condition and is in a state of illness or illness, the temperature should be raised appropriately.

The heating time in autumn should be longer, but in order to welcome the coming winter, the temperature should be appropriately lowered to improve the chicken's adaptability to temperature. It is generally reduced by 0.3°C to 0.7°C per day, and it can also be reduced by about 3°C ​​per week. When the temperature of brooding is reduced to the lowest temperature during the day, heating during the day can be stopped. When the temperature of the brooding at night falls to the minimum temperature at night, the night heating can be stopped.

At present, the ideal heating method is the use of mantle, fire pit or ground flue. Because the brick absorbs more heat and the heat dissipation is relatively stable, the coal-fired port should generally be built outside the wall.

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