Eat less sweet potato leeks with asthma

Asthma is a common disease of the respiratory system. It has the highest incidence in the winter and spring seasons. Patients need to be treated with dietary supplements as well as treatments and standing medications.

The basic principle of asthma diet is light, soft, suitable for eating more easily digestible and cellulose-rich foods, such as loofah, bananas, pears, etc.; eat less eggs, fat and Other easy to eat oysters. Since asthma is mostly caused by allergic factors, seafood such as fish, shrimp, river eels, crabs, etc., as well as sweet foods such as lamb, fat, eggs, peanuts, chocolate, candy, and honey, should be eaten less or not better. eat.

In traditional Chinese medicine theory, asthma is divided into two types: cold and heat: symptoms such as cough phlegm, cold limbs, etc., for cold breath, should avoid eating cold and cold foods, such as fruits, potatoes, etc., in the process of cooking vegetables. Can add some ginger, pepper and other hot foods properly, or with beef, lean pork, pork ribs and other warm foods cook; appear cough thick yellow, hot heat and cold, for hot gas, these people should not eat too much Warm and hot foods such as lamb, onions, garlic, ginger, chili, etc. In addition, the digestive function of pediatric patients is not yet complete, and the digestive function of elderly patients is reduced. Therefore, during the attack of asthma, patients should eat foods that are easy to flatulence and difficult to digest, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, leeks, and soy beans. After they enter the body, they will produce a lot of gas during the digestion process, causing the abdomen to flatten, raise the diaphragm, and narrow the chest cavity, which will be detrimental to lung ventilation and increase breathing difficulties. Cokes, sprites and other soft drinks and beer contain a lot of carbon dioxide gas, it will produce a similar stimulus to the lungs, it is best not to drink. At the same time, during the asthma attack, do not forget to add more water and light fluids to prevent dehydration and stickiness. It is not easy to cough up and make breathing difficult.

In addition, asthma patients can eat more foods rich in vitamin A, repair the damaged alveoli. The wolfberry, walnut meat, red dates, citrus aurantium, lotus seeds, yam, etc. have the effect of invigorating the spleen and phlegm, replenishing kidney and nourishing the lung, and have a certain effect on prevention of asthma attacks, and can be properly consumed. (Beijing Chaoyang Hospital dietitian Song Xin)

5XZ series Gravity Separator (Air blowing type)


1. This Blow Type Specific Gravity Cleaning Machine is to produce proportion segregation phenomenon under stress of aerodynamic and vibration friction of graininess material.

2. By adjusting wind pressure, amplitude and other parameters, larger proportion material will sink down and move bottom to up under stress of vibration friction; smaller proportion material moves up to bottom.

3. This machine is to remove blighted seed, budding seed, damaged seed (by insect), rotten seed, deteriorated seed, moldy seed, non-viable seed, seed with black powder sick and light impurities from wheat, corn, paddy, sunflower seed, melon seed, legume, etc.

4. At the same time, there is an angle on the right of vibration surface; the stone can be separated.

This machine is according to segregation phenomenon of granule and density under fluidization process, for achieve materials delaminating and mutual exchange, at the same time the wind pressure and amplitude need be adjusted. Specific Gravity Separator is used to classify materials according to density or specific gravity. This is important when seed and/or impurities are similar in size but different in density. The separator uses a vibrating perforated deck that can be tilted in two directions at various pitches. Air moving through the perforated deck separates the seed and any impurities by weight as the deck oscillates.

gravity separator (air blowing type)

Air Blowing Type Gravity Separator

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