Do not eat staple food equals "chronic suicide"

The famous nutritionist Yu Ruomu pointed out that the imbalance in diet is the main cause of high levels of "civilized disease" such as hypertension, diabetes and cerebrovascular disease. "Super Girl" He Jie, in order to lose weight, has not eaten rice for more than a month, only eating fruits and vegetables every day, many girls have followed suit. Medical experts remind the public that not eating staple food is equivalent to chronic suicide.

Staple food mainly refers to food, including rice, noodles, grains, and potatoes.

The daily energy needed by the human body is provided by the three major nutrients, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Among them, the energy provided by the carbohydrates accounts for 55%-60%. The staple food is rich in carbohydrates and is one of the daily essential foods.

"Slim family:" staple food can not be broken

Case: Xiao Zhang listened to a friend and said that he would not eat the staple food without eating the staple food. Meat and eggs are also seldom eaten, only eating fruits and vegetables every day. More than a month later, Xiao Zhang really did lose some, but he also lost a lot. Often dizzy and nauseous, can not afford to mention the spirit. Diagnosed by a dietician, Zhang suffered mild malnutrition.

Experts advise that excessive intake of staple foods and other foods can cause malnutrition.

Some people think that it is ridiculous to lose weight by simply skipping the staple food and not to control other foods. In fact, the intake of staple foods can make people feel full, and to a certain extent, they can play a role in moderation. To lose weight, you should reduce the intake of high-calorie foods rather than the staple food.

"Accounts": staple foods cannot be saved

Case: Mr. Li has been engaged in business for more than ten years and entertainment is a common occurrence. The use of alcohol instead of water to replace food and cooking, business is booming, the body is deteriorating, and often has a sense of fatigue.

Experts advise: often eat only food and drink do not eat staple foods, the cardiovascular damage to the liver is very large, and carbohydrates have to strengthen the liver detoxification function, moderate intake of staple foods can play a role in liver protection. Eating non-staple food or eating too little staple food during entertainment can lead to inadequate intake of carbohydrates, which may inevitably cause high protein or high-fat intake, which can easily cause gout and increase the burden on the kidneys. The energy needed by the body for a high-fat diet is mainly supplied by fat oxidation. Fat oxidation does not completely produce ketone bodies. A large number of ketone bodies can cause ketoacidosis. Mild poisoning can cause coma and vomiting, and severe cases can endanger life.

"Health care family": staple food can not be replaced

Case: Miss Chen often replaces the staple food with vitamins and other health products. She believes that eating health products can provide "balanced nutrition" while maintaining a good body, saving time and effort.

Experts advise that health supplements are only supplementary supplements to some of the nutrients that the body lacks, and they should not be overly dependent on and superstitious about the function of health products. “People are iron, rice is steel” Eat well, meals are varied, and a reasonable mix is ​​the key. Excessive intake of health supplements is not good for the human body.

"Office Workers": breakfast is not lost

Case: Xiao Wang combined breakfast and lunch "into one". For a long time, I often feel sleepy, unable to mention the spirit, and retiring, and my body is weak. Occasionally there is a stomachache and a stomachache, and my memory is also down.

Experts reminded: “In the morning of the day is the morning.” Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Long-term non-breaking breakfast will not only lead to insufficient intake of energy and nutrients throughout the day, but also usually occur at 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning, resulting in excessive intestinal friction and damage to the intestinal mucosa, resulting in diseases of the digestive system. Cause malnutrition. Moreover, without eating breakfast, the human body can only use glycogen and protein stored in the body. Over time, it can lead to dry skin, wrinkling and anemia, and accelerated aging. It can also cause gallstones, myocardial infarction and other diseases.

As the saying goes, "Eat early, eat at midday, eat less late," breakfast should be as diverse as possible, mainly staple food, balanced with a variety of nutrition. The main food for breakfast should be between 150-200 grams.

“Quasi motherhood”: The staple food is indispensable

Case: Ms. Liu has been pregnant for more than four months, in order to allow the fetus to get more nutrients and better growth, once every two or three days to eat lobster, protein powder, etc., pregnant women, milk powder is constantly every day, the staple food is often eat less Or do not eat, is to "save the stomach" to eat supplements. After a doctor's examination found that Ms. Liu exceeded the protein.

Experts advise that mothers who consume excessive amounts of protein will not only easily increase gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension, but also have the risk of developing "fatigue" in the future. There may also be difficulties in delivery. The staple food can not only effectively supplement carbohydrates, but also can provide B vitamins, and it is easy to produce satiety and inhibit excessive intake of other foods. It can effectively prevent overweight and excess nutrition in pregnant women. And to a certain extent to avoid the occurrence of diseases such as gestational diabetes, hypertension.


Top 10 "junk foods" announced by the World Health Organization

1, fried foods 2, canned foods

3, pickled food 4, processed meat food

5, fat and animal visceral food 6, cream products

7, instant noodles 8, barbecue foods 9, frozen desserts

10, preserved fruit, plum and candied foods

Five-story “meal pagoda” for humanity

The fifth floor is condiment: oil 25 grams, salt <10 grams (per person per day required. The same below.)

The fourth layer is milk and soy products, rich in calcium: 200 grams of fresh milk, 50 grams of legumes

The third layer is chicken, duck, fish, meat, eggs and other protein foods: livestock and poultry meat 50-100g, fish, shrimp 50g, eggs 25-50g

The second layer is vegetables and fruits: vegetable 400 - 500g, fruit 100 - 200g

The first layer is cereals, that is, the staple food: cereals 300-500g, with the thickness.

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