Five types of brain-damaging foods

As we all know, milk, fish, carrots, green onions and other foods have brain and brain function, but some foods are not liked by the brain. Studies have shown that eating the following five types of food, the brain will appear unresponsive, clumsy, and even memory loss and other phenomena:

Salty food

The physiological needs of the human body for salt are extremely low. Below 7 grams per day for adults and 4 grams per day for children are sufficient. Frequently eating salty foods can damage the arteries and affect the blood supply to the brain tissue, leaving the brain cells under conditions of ischemic and hypoxic conditions for a long time, resulting in decreased memory and premature aging of the brain.

Lead food

Lead can take the place of other minerals such as iron, calcium, and zinc in the nervous system and is therefore a major “killer” of brain cells. Leaded foods are mainly popcorn, egg and so on. It should be noted that the lead content of "lead-free preserved egg" is not equal to zero, but is lower than the corresponding national standards and is not suitable for large amounts of food.

Aluminum food
The World Health Organization pointed out that human daily intake of aluminum should not exceed 60 milligrams. Alum in the fritters is an inorganic substance containing aluminum. If one day eats 50-100 grams of fritters, it will exceed this amount.

Lipid-containing foods

Fried foods with oil temperatures above 200°C and foods exposed to sunlight for a long time, such as smoked fish, roast duck, roast goose, etc., contain more peroxy lipids, and they accumulate in the body, causing certain metabolic enzymes. The system suffers damage that promotes premature aging of the brain or dementia.

More foods containing saccharin and MSG

Too much intake of saccharin can damage the cells of the brain; it is safe to consume small quantities of MSG, but infants under the age and pregnant women during the latter part of pregnancy should not eat it. Baby food MSG has the potential to cause brain cell necrosis; pregnant women eat can cause fetal zinc deficiency, affecting children's intellectual development.

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