What is the lack of genetically modified rice in China?

The U.S. side publicly acknowledges human trials of gold rice from the United States in China and emphasizes that the test has been approved by relevant Chinese and US agencies.

The party denied that the GM rice test used "golden rice" and Tang Guangwen was suspected of fraud. As U.S. colleges and universities use Chinese children as genetically modified rice tests, all parties concerned are highly concerned. There are different opinions between China and the United States. The Chinese women professor at Tufts University, Tufts University Carotenoids and Health Research Institute ( Guangwen Tang, director of Carotenoids and Health Laboratory, was suspected of fraud. (People's Daily)

China’s children’s GM rice test case is inconsistent. The United States publicly acknowledges human trials of gold rice from the United States in China, and emphasizes that the trial was approved by relevant Chinese and US agencies. However, the verification by the Hengyang City Government did not involve verification. The Hunan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention also confirmed that “the use of genetically modified rice and any genetically modified foods was not used in the implementation of the project”, saying that the raw materials were all from the local area, and the experiment conducted by the Jiangkou Central Elementary School in Hengnan County had not been conducted. There is a direct relationship between any organization in the United States and abroad.

Both parties hold their own words. Who do you believe? We certainly hope that the golden rice test is completely false, but no one can guarantee that the children are not treated as mice. After all, human trials are not without precedent. All countries have had such blemishes and they seem to be far away from us, but in fact may be. It's so close. The children are not kittens and mice. All experiments must be made clear. What are the reasons and purpose of experimenting with children first? Why don't you use animals as a routine test? According to U.S. side Andrea Grossmann, it is explained that golden rice is used to test vitamin A deficiency in developing countries. China is also the subject of this question, but is vitamin A deficiency necessary to make a fuss about rice? So many natural food supplements can be tried, which even the average person knows, unless the real purpose of this experiment is not here!

The U.S. response test was conducted with the consent of the parents of Chinese children, while the Chinese said that the experiment is basically irrelevant to the U.S. institutions. Under this confusing situation, we can only grasp the various aspects of the experiment itself, at least to clarify the point of view from the Chinese side. What exactly did the kids do? The so-called parents agree that whether parents know the true purpose and consequences of this experiment? How much does all the experimental process and details know? Signing and cognition cannot be equal! What is even more skeptical is that the approver is obviously the ethics committee of the Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences. However, the place of the experiment has been placed in Hunan. If it is not used in sports, it is used directly on the human body. Can it be explained clearly?

The U.S. side publicly acknowledges human trials of gold rice from the United States in China and emphasizes that the test has been approved by relevant Chinese and US agencies.

The scientific community's harm to genetically modified foods is ambiguous. Individual governments and research institutes are eager to recklessly consider the consequences. However, there have been adverse consequences in previous GM trials that may cause fatal injuries to the living internal organs and the immune system. Isn't the hazard sufficient to alert humans? Why do you have to change nature? Are we really missing? Lack of life to complete the experiment at the expense of life? The Hunan government must investigate clearly in this GM rice experiment and announce all details and conclusions as soon as possible. The responsibility must be pursued. The children and parents have more power to know what they are involved in.

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