High yield of sesame

In order to obtain high quality and high yield of sesame, scientific and rational fertilization is the key. Production practice proves that: The key to fertilizing sesame lies in grasping the timing and methods. It requires that Miao Fei should be “early”, beadling should be “skillful”, and flower fertilization should be “heavy.” Here are some specific methods for reference.

As early as Miao sesame seedlings because of the smaller seeds, coupled with the excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer at the end, it is easy to make seedlings prosperous, the formation of tall seedlings. Therefore, sesame seeds should be combined with early seedlings, early seedlings to see seedlings early application of a quick-acting fertilizer-based seedlings, application of seedling fertilizer is an important measure for early sesame growth. Fertilizer seedlings to dilute the maturity of human fecal urine or urea is good, generally after the seedlings per acre topdressing urea 2 to 3 kilograms, when the drought is more serious when the first drought or topdressing diluted with thin human fecal urine after watering. For the poor seedlings, we must also adopt a "special meal" method to top up the seedlings. Sesame topdressing Miaofei, but also according to the shallow sesame root characteristics, try to shallow or focus on the root.

Qiao Shilei's sesame seedling budding stage is entering the flower bud differentiation stage. At this time, the vegetative growth and reproductive growth of the plant are both prosperous. Therefore, applying good bud fertilizer plays an important role in the high yield of sesame. Fertilizer is generally dominated by nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus, potassium supplement. During fertilization, the seedlings can be applied on a ditch or a point about 10 centimeters from the sesame seeds and applied to a depth of 10 centimeters in order to absorb roots and cover the soil after application; Granular urea is mixed into the finely divided soil and mixed thoroughly to spread. After fertilization, the cultivator loosens the cultivator. When the weather is dry, water should be sprayed after application to give full play to the fertilizer effect. Pouring method can also be used, that is, 4 ~ 6 kg of urea per acre with 200 kg of water poured on the sesame pods. In addition, boron fertilizers should be applied as appropriate to areas with boron deficiency and boron-deficient soils.

Re-application of flowering sesame grows fastest during flowering, and the nutrients absorbed during this period account for 70% to 80% of the entire period of growth. In order to meet the needs of plant growth and development, so that sesame grows vigorously, accumulate more photosynthetic products, increase the number of calyx, stable long-term is not premature aging, so that the grain is full and full, must be re-applied fertilizer. At the same time, lateral roots have begun to form in large quantities during the calyx stage, the absorption capacity of the root system has increased, the growth rate of plants has been accelerated, and the demand for nutrients has also increased significantly. Therefore, to re-apply a flower manure, generally 5 ~ 8 kg of urea per acre with 200 kg of water poured on the sesame pods, can also be applied to the glutinous rice cake fertilizer, human manure and so on. In addition, from the beginning of flowering to full flowering period, extra-root dressing can be performed by selecting sunny afternoon, spraying 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution on the front and back of the leaves, each time between 5 and 6 days, and spraying 2 to 3 times. .

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