The reason that affects the digestion of feed protein

In most conventional feeds, the protein digestibility is 75% to 90%. If the protein in a feed cannot be used, it cannot be said to be a high protein feed. The following are the main reasons that affect the digestion of feed protein.
Protein type Feather meal, protein content is 86%, but only 25% is digestible, compared to 90% digestible protein in soybean meal.
Fibrous levels of hay, corn stalks, and barnyardgrass all have high levels of fiber, making it impossible to provide a large number of available proteins.
Crushing causes The use of unscrambled feeds will reduce the surface area of ​​protein digestive enzymes and reduce their protein digestibility.
Heat Treatment During production and processing, prolonged heating reduces protein digestibility.
Protease inhibitors such as raw soybeans contain trypsin inhibitors and potatoes contain chymotrypsin inhibitors, which reduce protein digestibility.
Nonprotein nitrogen NPN
For example, non-protein nitrogen such as urea, non-ruminant animal can not use bacteria to digest, so it can not use non-protein nitrogen.

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