New drug can eliminate protein tangles in the brain against Alzheimer's disease

Recently, Singapore-based pharmaceutical company TauRx Therapeutics announced that it has developed a new drug, Rember, which is resistant to Alzheimer's disease. The daily use of this drug can effectively prevent the deterioration of Alzheimer's disease, and its efficacy is more than twice that of the current therapy.

It is reported that Rember can destroy the protein tangles that block the brain of Alzheimer's patients. Doctor Wizchik, a biologist at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, who is both the head of research and the boss of TauRx, discovered 20 years ago that "Tau protein" is the problem of protein tangles in the brain - protein tangles can destroy nerves. Cells that cause people's memory to decline. The emergence of the new drug Rember has made people hope to eliminate protein tangles in the brain through drugs.

Rember prevents the formation of new tangles in the brain and loosens the tangles that have emerged, preventing memory loss. Scientists hope that the drug can be used for early treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

In the study, the researchers divided 321 patients with mild and moderate Alzheimer's disease in the UK and Singapore into four groups, three of whom took different doses of Rember and the other with placebo or imitation capsules. After 50 weeks, patients taking Zui's multiple doses of Rember were significantly better than those who took less doses of Rember. Patients taking Rember had a 81% lower chance of having a decline in brain function than those taking a placebo alone.

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