After the adoption of scientific management

枇杷 At present, the basic picking is over. Post-harvest production management is directly related to tree growth and next year's results. Post-harvest production management should mainly be carried out in three aspects: fertilization, pruning, and pest control.

Fertilizer after application

After harvesting, timely fertilization should be carried out in order to promote the development of summer shoots. Fertilizers should be dominated by nitrogen fertilizers. In combination with phosphorus and potash fertilizers, sufficient fertilizer should be used. The dosage should account for about 50% of the total amount of fertilizers used throughout the year. The following three principles must be mastered in fertilizing technology: First, according to the actual needs of the growth and development of alfalfa, do a reasonable combination of three elements of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and other nutrient elements; Second, try to apply more organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer After a certain period of stacking and fermentation to remove organic acids and harmful gases and to eliminate germs, eggs, weed seeds, etc., compound fertilizer should use organic compound fertilizer and multiple compound fertilizer; Third, select high-quality fertilizer to prevent shrinkage in urea Diurea, phosphorus in the heavy metals and chloral acetaldehyde, potassium chloride residues in the poisoning or influence of earthworms.

Timely pruning

This will not only enable the rapid restoration of tree vigor, but will also promote the development of the summer shoots before the end of July, and will lay the foundation for high quality and high yield in the coming year. In summer, the amount of pruning does not exceed 20% of the total branches, and 1-2 roots of the upright branches of the upper part of the canopy are sawed off. The resulting shoots away from the main branch are retracted and trimmed, and the retracted branch should leave the base 10-15 centimeters and sawn obliquely to trigger new shoots. The tree crown is empty and the branches are long and short. The fruiting branches after fruit harvesting, except for debilitating, should be kept as far as possible so that the resulting shoots will germinate.

Corrosive rot and leaf spot

The rot disease is also commonly known as "rotten foot disease". It mainly affects the root neck trunk. The incidence of collateral branches is not much. If the fruit tree is in high humidity, the root neck trunk shows soft rot, or when the sap flow is strong, the flow phenomenon occurs. When the tree is dry, If the skin cracks and peels, then it is very likely that you have a bad foot. Prevention and control methods In addition to strengthening the cultivation, strengthening the management of fertilizers and water to increase tree vigor, we must scrape off the lesions, require scraping, scraping the bark to burn in place, and apply the agent to promote wound healing under the guidance of experts.

Leaf spot disease is also a key disease for prevention and control. Leaf spot disease is the general name for gray leaf spot, spot disease, and keratoderma. It is a major disease of earthworms, and the light affects the tree vigor, and the leaves of the severer plants become stiffer and smaller, and early leaves and dead branches are produced. The plant growth is weak and production is reduced. Prevention methods In addition to improving orchard management, enhancing tree vigor, and improving the disease resistance of the tree itself, use 65% mancozeb 500-600 times, or 80% of the students' lives, before harvesting or before fruiting. M-45 wettable powder 600 times, has the effect of preventing the disease. After the fruit is taken to the bud, the concentration is 0.3-0.5% Bordeaux mixture and Baume. 0.3-0.5 degree lime sulfur can not only prevent disease, but also add copper and calcium to wolfberry; or 50% carbendazim WP 800 times; or 70% thiophanate-methyl 600 times.

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