Scientific breeding of silkworm technology

Silkworm is a completely abnormal silky insect in polymorphic animals. After 4 times of sleep, 5 larvae, 26 days to 28 days, its larvae eat more than 20 grams of mulberry leaves, mature silkworms, pods, white, weighing 1.8 grams to 2.3 grams, and 20% of the layer rate. 23%, silk length 1000 meters to 1400 meters; silk coarse 2.6 points to 3.2 points. It is common to raise 1 silkworm species with 18,000 to 20,000 heads of silkworms, 50 to 600 kg of mulberry leaves, and 30 to 40 kg of silkworms. The current scientific breeding techniques have the following five points.

Strict disinfection and disease prevention

Strict disinfection is the primary technical measure to prevent and control silkworm disease. Generally, 7 days before sericulture, bleaching powder clear liquid containing 1% of available chlorine or 3% formaldehyde solution is used to disinfect eggs of the silkworm, maintain room temperature, and the drug temperature is 25° C. for 30 minutes. The silkworms in the silkworm room must be laid open. To spray liquid medicine, close the doors and windows to sericulture 2 days to 3 days before ventilation. Silkworm nets and other appliances can be boiled with boiling water disinfection.

Concentrated reminder

The mulberry silkworms out of the library are placed in a suitable temperature and humidity environment, so that the silkworms are hatched on a predetermined date and called qing qing, also called warm species. In general, the sangha open 2 to 3 leaves began to remind. Centralized custody rooms should be cleansed and disinfected in advance. Use wooden reminder boxes that are 1 meter long, 0.35 meters wide, and 0.5 meters high. Drums with a diameter of 1 cm round the upper part of the box should be vented. The bottom of the box is covered with non-toxic plastic cloth. Put 2 cm to 3 cm thick wet sand, and hang 40 to 50 mulberry eggs, cover and put them on a hot pot, starting from 20°C on the first day to 25°C on the 5th day, and on the 7th day 25.5 °C until the 11th day of incubation.

Ant colony breeding

In order to save labor and harmonize technical standards, it is better to focus on collecting ants and centrally breeding small silkworms. The process of collecting the newly hatched ant silkworms and feeding the leaves is called receiving ants. The non-toxic plastic cloth is laid in a sterilized silkworm and a layer of mulberry leaves is sprinkled on it, and then the silkworm eggs are pressed downwards on the mulberry leaf. After 20 minutes, the ant silkworm climbs onto the mulberry leaf and removes the silkworm eggs. The paper is immediately sealed and will be released again tomorrow. Reserve the mulberry leaves according to the size of the silkworm coop, 1 day old ~ 2 days old small silkworm chopped green leaf every day to the mulberry 3 times ~ 5 times, each time to give mulberry to be evenly spread, cover the plastic sheet, keep 26 °C ~27°C, 3 days old 25°C~26°C, humidity 80%.

Debris feeding large silkworms

4th to 5th day old silkworms can be distributed to each household for rearing. The ratio of mulberry eaters is 80%, and the weight is 300 to 10,000 times larger than that of ants. It is necessary to continuously expand the foil and spread it in time so as to prevent overcrowding and catch disease, and to ensure that all Silkworm eats mulberry.

Mature silkworms

At the end of the 5th day, we saw that the mulberry had reduced green and soft manure, and the body gradually narrowed and became shorter and more transparent. The mature silkworms crawling and spinning used the new pods, folded clusters, and firewood clusters. Well, there is less diurn. On the clusters of silkworm should be uniform, partial lean is better, marking the order, cluster room early 25 °C, 24 °C scab, humidity of 75% is appropriate. After opening the door and window, it will be ventilated and drained, making the ochre white. The light in the cluster should be even to prevent the mature silkworm from gathering. The unripe silkworms mixed in are to be picked out, and when the leaf is mature, the clumps are put on. On the 6th to 7th days after the cluster, after seeing the pods, the pods were collected in the order of the top clusters, and the cultivars were piled in a cool and ventilated place to prevent extrusion heat.

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