Rabbits feed faster

1. Feed mix should be reasonable. Because the rabbit has a well-developed blind field with a large number of microbial flora, it can digest a lot of roughage. According to different physiological stages, it is necessary to scientifically match the ratio of fine and coarse materials. Generally young rabbits require higher nutritional levels and need to be easily digested, so the proportion of condiment should be larger when the ingredients are used; young rabbits require low nutrients, mainly with coarse materials, and less with some concentrates; pregnant female rabbits and breast-feeding Female rabbits should be supplemented with more refined materials to supplement the body's nutrition and ensure the normal development of the fetus and secretion of milk; rabbits are generally dominated by raw materials, pay attention to supplement some of the protein. At the same time, a variety of feeds should be fed together to enhance the appetite of rabbits and promote the growth and development of rabbits. 2. Feed should pay attention to health. Pay attention to mildewed material do not feed every time ingredients, summer dew or rain wet grass, should be dry and then feed, with mud, wash and dry with mud and then feed, should not bring mud to feed. 3. There must be regular diet. Feeding must be done regularly. Young rabbit 5 times a day, pregnant and lactating female rabbits 4 times a day, young rabbits 3 times a day, winter nights long days, breakfast to be fed early, dinner to be fed late, feed at low temperatures during the summer noon, cool early and late days More feed. 4. Change the feed stalk slowly. As the seasons change, feeds must be gradually fed. When the green feed is mixed with dry green fodder and mixed for feeding for a period of time, it can not feed green feed today, and feed dry green feed tomorrow, be careful not to feed concentrate alone, so as not to cause indigestion and gastrointestinal diseases. 5. Let rabbits develop drinking habits. After the feed is finished, it is necessary to drink water for the rabbit and make it a habit. Drink warm water in winter, cool water in summer, add a little salt in the water.

K818A foot massager

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