Mora water dairy cattle breeding technology

The selection of cattle species in the world can be divided into four categories: Indian buffalo, Pakistan buffalo, Mora buffalo and Chinese buffalo. Among them, Chinese buffalo is mainly used for service, while Murrah buffalo and Indian buffalo are both used for milk. At present, China's milk buffalo more choice of Mora buffalo, this milk cow milk production is high, the milk ester content of more than 7.05% (it is a prerequisite for processing ginger burying milk), and strong resistance to disease, resistance to crude feeding. When selecting young cows for back-up use, face should be selected, with strong physique, developed mammary glands, and a good food intake. Mating and breeding At present, the breeding of water dairy cows mostly uses this cross. When the reserve water cow reaches sexual maturity, mating can be carried out, but the mating should be better when the third estrus period comes, and the water cows' development will be affected too early. Growing, too late will reduce buffalo utilization. After mating, pregnant cows that are not estrus should pay attention to feeding and management to prevent miscarriage. Buffaloes enter the lactation period after farrowing, and their male cowboys are generally eliminated in addition to their species. Heifers are used separately. Dairy feeding. Perinatal management After the cows are born, they enter the perinatal period. At this time, the focus of the work should be to extend the perinatal period and increase the milk production. The grain concentrates can be added to the raw materials, usually every day. About the first 2 kilograms, plus appropriate amount of milk. The normal operation is: Adding feed at five o'clock in the morning, pulling cattle around the pond at six o'clock to wash the body, starting milk at seven o'clock and adding at 1 o'clock noon, until four o'clock in the afternoon. After adding the fodder, it began to repeat the work in the morning. Milk two times a day and feed three times. During this time, sufficient fodder should be provided. Generally, about 120 pounds per cow per day is appropriate. Dry milk management After the end of the perinatal period, the cow enters the dry period. If the water cow has already estrused, it should be weaned early to ensure the fetus's nutritional needs. At the same time pay attention to the restoration of the body condition of the cow for the development of the fetus. But it is very important not to suddenly wean, because suddenly stop milking, often cause the accumulation of milk causes the cow's head to be red and swollen, and easy to cause mastitis due to invasion of other germs. Disease Prevention and Control Water cows are resistant to crude and disease, so few diseases occur, so veterinary work is dispensable. At the same time, due to the neglect of veterinary work, the monitoring of dairy cows' disease is poor, and the quality of their products is also questionable. This is a problem that should be paid attention to in the future of dairy cattle breeding. China Agricultural Network Editor

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