Jinbao greenhouse warming agent (function)

Jinbao greenhouse warming agent (function)
The greenhouse warmer directly relates to the economic benefits of vegetable growers. It protects your greenhouse, improves soil structure, increases the output of your vegetables, and improves economic efficiency. Let's take the warming agent of Ginbon as an example.
Jinbao greenhouse warming fermentation aid is the use of the latest international microbiological engineering technology, make full use of the function of microbial decomposition of the fermentation, the straw into the crop needs organic and inorganic nutrition, temperature, heat, carbon dioxide, and produce related biological disease prevention The disease-resisting effect will eventually lead to a new type of bioengineering technology product with high output, high quality and pollution-free agricultural products. After the temperature-increasing fermentation aid is added to the straw material, the functional microorganisms multiply and multiply rapidly, and the microorganisms can generate a large amount of heat, carbon dioxide, enzymes, and other various metabolites in the process of fermentation decomposition. The supply of carbon dioxide is sufficient, and the temperature and ground temperature are greatly increased, which contributes to the smooth growth and development of crops under adverse environmental conditions such as low temperatures; the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms, various enzymes and other disease resistance factors formed in the course of biochemical reactions make crops resistant to diseases. The capacity is greatly enhanced, which can save more than 70% of the cost of pesticides; straws produce a large number of organic and inorganic nutrients after maturity, so that the soil is rich in nutrients and fertility, so that the crop grows robustly and can save more than half of the amount of fertilizer; due to chemical fertilizers and pesticides The quantity is greatly reduced, which can significantly improve the quality of fruits and vegetables. The appearance and taste are significantly improved. The selling price is good, the commodity rate is high, and the economic benefits are significant.
It is fundamentally different from traditional crop cultivation techniques. It is the latest technology for straw harmless, resource-based, on-site use, and cyclic conversion. It saves water and electricity, saves labor, saves money, and greatly reduces costs while increasing production and Quality, increase production and increase income, improve economic efficiency, and easy to learn and easy to use. For details, please visit the website or consult.

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