Birthing and Nursing Points of Newborn Piglets

Nursing breeders and related personnel are required to guard the waiting sows every day and night.
Disinfection of confinement workers should first disinfect the arms and confinement equipment. After the piglets are born, immediately remove the mucus from their mouth and nose, and wipe their entire body mucus with a rag.
Rescue If it is found that the fetus has a placenta, tear off the placenta immediately and rescue the piglet. When a dying piglet is found, it is necessary to pounce it, or to spray the piglet with irritating substances.
Cut off the umbilical cord after cleaning the umbilical cord. Leave the umbilical cord unbroken for a longer period. When the umbilical cord is no longer beating, squeeze the umbilical cord blood into the piglet to keep it 3 cm long and sterilize it with 2% iodine. At the head; if the umbilicus bleeds for too short a time due to natural breakage, the umbilical cord should be immediately ligated with a sterile ligature.
Feed the colostrum into the incubator to ensure the piglet is warm. After 30 minutes of birth, the piglet is helped to eat colostrum.
After 12-24 hours of birth, the cut-toothed piglets were used to remove the upper and lower canine teeth at the roots of the teeth with a sterile cutting forceps to prevent the piglets from biting each other's face or biting the sow's nipple.
Within 24 hours after the pig was born, the tail was cut at 1/3 of the tail tail with a sterile tail clipper.

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