The Prevention and Control of Chinese Rose Flower Insect Pest

Rosacea pest control

Morphological features: Adult worms are 4.5 cm in length, black or dark brown in color, densely covered with fine hair, dark red spots in the center of the pronotum, and thick forefoot, with digging feet, long tails behind the abdomen, and wings often superimposed on body. The dorsal and oblong eggs are yellowish-white at the time of the first output, and then gradually yellow-brown. The newly hatched nymphs are milky white and turn yellow-brown after two years of age. They usually occur in three generations. Adults or nymphs live in the ground for the winter, and adults have phototaxis and Acoustic sensation starts from March to April. From April to May, the harm was severe. Adults laid eggs in June. In July, they infested the nymphs and fed the food until October. The earthworms were one of the underground pests. They mainly graciled the roots, and often made tunnels under the soil. Plant roots dehydrated and died of dryness.

Control methods:

(1) 50 grams of 90% crystal trichlorfon. Add the sauteed bait and mix well, add water and mix it into wet and dry baits, sprinkled around the roots of the plants or in the pots. All can play a good control effect.

(2) Use black light to trap adult insects.

(3) To avoid giving the earthworms a living environment, the use of organic fertilizers must be fully decomposed before they can be used;

(4) Pouring 40% omethoate 1000 times in the affected plants.

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