Piglet feed can choose raw materials

1. Plasma protein. The digestibility of plasma protein powder, the composition of amino acids, and the rate of degradation to produce small peptides are all the first. It is a good source of protein for suckling pigs, and homologous plasma protein powders are more effective. It contains small peptides and amino acids that are close to the pig's amino acids.

2. Dairy products. Dairy products are mainly based on milk proteins, but very few feeds are supplied. Normally, whey powder, which is commonly found in high protein content, is mainly consumed as human food. Its supply is limited and it cannot be used in feeds.

3. Fish. Fish meal, fish sauce, fish solubilized fish products, fish meal digestibility, amino acid composition and protein content are all high quality protein raw materials. In addition to common fishmeal, the by-products of fish processing: fish sauce and fish sauce are also good.

4. Brewer's yeast. The supply of brewer's yeast is limited. However, it is a special protein raw material. Besides its effective amino acid content and good digestibility, it is also rich in B vitamins and some nutrients essential for metabolism, so it is used in suckling pig feed. Used in a special role. However, at the beginning of feeding, pigs may refuse to eat because of its special smell.

5. Soy products. Soy products are the most abundant source of protein. The choice of feed for piglets also varies greatly. The common soybean meal is mainly because its digestibility does not meet the requirements of milk piglets, and it also contains high anti-nutritional factors. Soy protein isolates have a high protein content, but they may have higher anti-nutritional factors. To use the enzymatic degradation of the processing process, and all water-soluble, pay attention to the taste, because some products will be produced by the enzymatic degradation of Ku-peptide, which may affect palatability. Soy Protein Concentrate, Soybean meal is soaked in hot alcohol to remove some of the polysaccharides, which is equivalent to the concentration of protein, and therefore the value is higher than that of ordinary soybean meal, but its digestibility is still limited. Fermented soybean meal and soybean meal were fermented, the digestibility was greatly increased, the protein content was also increased, and the anti-nutritional factors were destroyed. Therefore, fermented soybean meal may be the raw material of choice for future piglet feeds. The root cause is the difference in digestibility.

6. Wheat, rice, potatoes, peas, beans protein. The above protein material. The amino acid composition is very balanced, there is no anti-nutritional factor, and the digestibility is good. The only problem is that the supply is insufficient and the supply is often unstable.

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