Manufacturing Technology

First, choose raw materials

Select fresh yellowish skin with white skin, fresh white flesh, about 4-5 cm in diameter; white sugar should be white and transparent, meet the hygienic standard, and use inferior yellow sugar with more impurities.

Second, pre-processing

1. Wash the cockroach in clean water, cut off the cocoon, and rinse it several times in clean water.

2. Prepare a 2.5% sodium hydroxide solution and heat the solution to reach 90°C. Place the cleaned mash in the agitation. When the skin of the mash begins to fall off, it can be removed and rinsed in clean water until The skin is completely removed.

3. Cut the peeled cockroach into 5 mm thick bracts, soak it in 0.5% sodium bisulfite solution for 90 minutes, then rinse.

4. The sepals should be precooked after the above treatment, which can not only inhibit the action of microorganisms and enzymes, prevent oxidative discoloration, but also can soften the sepals appropriately so that the sugars can easily penetrate. Precooked sepals are slightly softened.

Third, dip

1. Formula: 50 kg of fresh wolfberry, 25 kg of white sugar, and a few grams of citric acid.

2. Preparation of sugar: 18.5 kg of clear water, 12.5 kg of sugar, and 60 g of citric acid. The white sugar is melted with fresh water, citric acid is added, and after sufficient stirring, the pH of the sugar liquid can be maintained between 2-2.5. This is the 1st soaking liquid. The second brew can be prepared with the first brew or reconstituted. Regardless of the preparation, the sugar content of the first infusion was 40%, and the sugar content of each subsequent infusion was 10% more than the previous time. However, the pH should be controlled within the range of 2-2.5.

3. Cooking: Boil the first infusion and place the pre-prepared sepals. Mix them as you cook. When the bracts are softened, they are poured into the tank and soaked for 24 hours together with the sugar solution. After the selenium tablets were placed in the second infusion liquid, they were boiled for 15 minutes, and then the sugar liquid was poured into the cylinder for 24 hours. The third baptism time is 10 minutes and the soaking time is 2 days. Finally, drained sugar liquid is a semi-finished product.

4. Note: Whether it is precooked or boiled, you can not use iron pan, because the use of iron pan easy to generate black material, affect product quality.

Fourth, baking

Place cooked saucy slices in a drying room at about 65°C to dry them, then sugar-coated. The icing method: a solution of 50% sucrose, 1.67% starch syrup, 33.3% water. Cook until 113 °C, cooling from the fire to 93 °C, and then brew the baked bracts in the sugar liquid for 2 minutes, remove and drain. Then dry in a 50°C oven. The dried cocoons can be packaged and put into storage after finishing.

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