Troubleshooting of common faults on tillage machines and safe operation procedures

Tillers are light weight, small in size, simple in structure and widely used. They have become the first choice for farmers to replace the cattle. In recent years, the number of tillers in our county has continuously increased, but when farmers use them, they are more or less. Few encounter problems. Here we introduce several troubleshooting methods and safe operating procedures for the micro tillage machines. I hope to give some help to the farmers.

Common malfunctions:

First, when the ignition cannot be started (starting), the following three aspects should be checked.

(1) Whether the tank is oily, but if the oil is clean.

(2) The tank switch is turned on.

(3) Whether the injector is injecting oil.

Second, when starting up is difficult, four aspects should be checked.

(1) Does the pressure relief handle open?

(2) Whether the engine oil is refueled according to the label.

(3) Whether the crankshaft bearing wears badly.

(4) Whether the liner is "pulled"

Third, when the engine's momentum is insufficient, there are three reasons.

(a) When the engine smoke is black.

(1) The fuel supply time is incorrect.

(2) The compression ratio does not reach the standard.

(3) Insufficient air intake.

(4) Slight "drawing cylinder" and crankshaft bearing wear seriously.

(b) When the engine smoke is blue.

Mainly burned engine oil, should exhaust crankcase excess oil.

(III) When the engine smoke is white

Mainly fuel oil, fuel should be used after sedimentation and filtration.

Safe operation procedures:

1. Before the work of the tiller, it is necessary to check whether the engine and the gearbox oil are sufficient.

2. Before use, check whether the components and the transmission box are loose or if the engine bolt is loose.

3, check whether the operating parts (bits) to buy live and effective.

4. When installing the cultivating knife, it must be confirmed that the symmetry is right and left, and the working blade faces forward, otherwise it cannot be used normally.

5. Before starting the engine, check whether the clutch is in the disengaged position and whether the shift lever is in the neutral position.

6. If there is a racing phenomenon when the engine is started, quickly shut off the fuel supply or block the intake passage to stop the engine immediately.

7. The height of the resistance bar must be adjusted at any time according to the working conditions to maintain the horizontal position of the fuselage to prevent excessive engine dumping, resulting in poor engine lubrication and damage.

8. When the oil is added, stop and avoid the fire.

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