Knowledge of the use of pesticides

To use pesticides to control pests and diseases, if you want to have a good control effect, save labor and save money, you should follow the following principles.
First, comprehensive prevention and control of pests and diseases must take a comprehensive approach to prevention and control, can not rely on chemical control alone and ignore other control measures.
Second, seize the opportunity to closely observe the crops planted, once the pests, illnesses, pests, immediately prevention and treatment.
Third, symptomatic medicines used to control pests and diseases, targeted, to do the right medicine.
Fourth, the main prevention, such as using the virus spirit, virus A and other anti-virus, must be used before the onset of the disease, after the onset of drug use is not effective.
Fifth, the rational use of pesticides with a reasonable mix of pesticides, both the prevention and control of pests and diseases and pest control resistance.
Six, strictly control the use of pesticides requires a variety of pesticides have a certain effective dose, the object of prevention and control, the use of methods and effective period, must pay attention to use, can not be abused.
VII. Protect natural enemies by using as few pesticides as possible. If necessary, use pesticides that are highly effective, low in toxicity, low in residue or short in residue, and improve their use.

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