The cremaster formulate ignores nucleotides?

"Many formulators considered the conventional nutritional needs of piglets when designing their formulas, but they often overlooked some functional special materials, such as nucleotides," said the first domestic and foreign teacher in Guangzhou on June 14th. At the groove development summit forum, Alltech's consultant Gary Boyett said. The recipe design of the chute product and the nutrition of suckling pigs have become a hot issue for 500 participants from all over the country.

Dr. Garry introduced that nucleotides have a good role in the growth and immunity of young animals. Many formulators have noticed a phenomenon where high-end milk powder brands also have a fairly high proportion of nucleotides added to infant formula. Many scholars believe that the demand for nucleotides will increase for any animal during periods of rapid growth, stress, immune compromise, and low energy intake. The weaning stage of piglets is just in the crossover period of these four periods, and has the characteristics of these four periods. Therefore, the need for nucleotides is even more prominent.

In general, the content of nucleotides in feeds is not included in the routine analysis of feeds. However, conventional feeds, although containing nucleotides, do not meet animal needs. At present, there are many nucleotide products for piglets on the market. How to choose them has become a headache for formulators. On June 14th, at the conference site, owner Hu Shoule, who is both engaged in raising pigs and engaged in feed production, ridiculed. “There are also many suppliers of additives for this type of products today. How to use them and how to choose the products that are suitable for them? Only they know best."

Although the price is only around RMB 20/kg, the cost of nucleotides in teaching materials is not cheap. Henan Biyuntian Feed Co., Ltd. is the local preliminary material "new show", the company's general manager Yan Jun also attended as a guest. He told the Southern Rural Daily reporter that the amount of such products used in the early period is relatively large, generally 10kg-15kg/ton feed, and even some manufacturers added in 20kg/ton feed.

Dr. Garrett believes that because of the problems of selection and price, nucleotides have not received the attention of the majority of kindergarten material formulators.

Dr. Garry also suggested that raw materials should not be oversupplied in a single and modular manner, and that they should liberalize their thinking and select as many raw material varieties as possible, rather than relying too much on additives, in order to meet some of the animal's major nutritional needs. For first-line aquaculture farms, not only specialized veterinarians, but also professional dietitians are required to provide good breeding and solutions for the pigs on the farm, which is currently neglected by many large-scale farms. .

At the forum, some experts believe that the current formula is too dependent on the surface indicators of various feed ingredients, and does not attach importance to its true quality, such as the composition of various elements, digestible absorption and utilization. At present, the formulators of major teaching materials enterprises have a certain degree of homogeneity in the preparation of teaching materials. Even the same formulator uses the same formula for the allocation of feed to different regions and herds.

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