Summer meat duck eight points

First, reduce the rearing density to prevent crowding of ducks, stacking pressure, product temperature warmth, and increase the basin food trough.

Second, adjust the feed formula Different duckling duck feed formulations vary. Summer feed formula should meet the requirements of all amino acids, so that the protein level is as low as possible in order to reduce feed digestion heat.

Third, changes in feeding methods should be taken to raise the net, to reduce the ducks and feces contact, reduce the spread of the disease, reduce the incidence, but also can reduce the duck's nutrient consumption and heat production.

Fourth, optimize the feeding time as far as possible in the early morning and night 8 to 10 hours when feeding relatively cool time.

5. Reduce sun exposure and build a high and spacious duck house. During the high temperature period, it can be sprayed on the roof or sprayed with water. It can also be brushed with white ash on the roof.

Sixth, supply of fresh feed in the high temperature and humidity during the long-term placement of the feed, or feed in the feed tank stagnation for too long, it will cause fermentation deterioration, should ensure the supply of fresh feed.

VII. Keeping the environment calm and hot During the hot period, sudden fear and noise must be avoided to interfere with the duck population and the activity of ducks should be minimized.

8. Do a good job of disinfection and epidemic prevention Do a good job of disinfection to prevent flies and mosquitoes from breeding and prevent the ducks from being harassed by pests.

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