A New Variety of Dried Jujube Fruits for Anti-cracking Fruit "Yangzao No.1"

The jujube fruit of “Jianzao No.1” has a flat oval shape, with an average fruit weight of 33.4 g, a maximum single fruit weight of 78 g, and a purple fruit color; the skin is thick and has a mononuclear weight of 0.5 g; the flesh is compact, has a high hardness, and has a high crude fiber content. Less juice, sweet flavor; fruit water content is small, dry rate of 56%, suitable for making dry; edible rate of fresh jujube 98.5%, sugar content of 30.7%. In Yuncheng City of Shanxi Province, the fruit of the variety matured in early October and was a late-maturing variety. In April 2009, it passed the approval of the Shanxi Province Forest Variety Approval Committee.

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