Pork prices continue to rise and refine the support measures of the Ministry of Agriculture

On June 11th, according to the Voice of China's "National News Network," it is reported that every summer is the off-season season for pork sales. However, reporters in Jiangsu and Shandong found that due to rising costs, unbalanced supply and demand, and so on, this year's pork prices have become anti-season. rise.

The reporter learned today from some farmers' markets in Yancheng District that the current price of pork sold for more than 13 yuan per catty is 2 to 4 yuan higher than during the Spring Festival.

According to the statistics of the statistics department, with the advent of summer, the number of live pigs has dropped for three consecutive months, and tight stocks are one of the reasons for the increase in prices. But the most fundamental reason is the increase in feed costs. According to Guo Zonglin, deputy head of the Yancheng Survey Team of the National Bureau of Statistics, compared with the Spring Festival period, the current pig corn and compound feeds have all increased by about 15%.

Guo Zonglin said that due to the fall in pork prices last spring, a large number of breeding pigs were slaughtered, which led to a significant reduction in the number of piglets bred this year and the rise in pig prices became inevitable. In addition, as the country raises the minimum purchase price for wheat, transmission of price increases, and the increase in staff salaries this year, it is expected that the cost of raising pigs will continue to rise this year and will support pig prices at a relatively high level.

The prices of live pigs and pork in Shandong continued to climb. The live pig price reached 17.33 yuan/kg, the highest point in three years. Breeder Li Bingcheng told reporters that in addition to rising costs, imbalances in supply and demand are also the main reasons for rising prices. Because pigs lost money in the past few years, the amount of live pigs has dropped drastically. Now that pork prices are high, many farmers have no pigs to sell: Now All of them are piglets. The pigs that can be sold and kept are not. At that time, there were no pigs.

Tensions of pigs, coupled with the fact that many enterprises in other provinces came to Shandong to “buy pigs”, the slaughter of live pigs in Shandong Province has dropped significantly. The head of the Pingdu Pig Slaughter Office is really nervous. Pingtung now has 16 slaughterhouses. One killing 7 or 8 pigs a day at a slaughterhouse. According to industry sources, according to the pig breeding cycle, the pig-source tension will not be relieved in the short term, and pork prices will continue to operate at a high level.

The Ministry of Agriculture made detailed support measures today to urge all localities to speed up the implementation of policies for the development of a stable central hog production; focus on improving the reproductive performance of sows and the survival rate of piglets; and focus on organizing small and medium-sized farmers to organize technical training and guidance services; and effectively strengthen pig production. Disease prevention and control, strengthen emergency preparedness, and resolutely handle sudden outbreaks.

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