China's food supply and demand balance remains fragile and security issues attract attention

China News Service, Suzhou, June 12 (Wang Lili) “Food issues have always been the core issue of China's agriculture and are also a major concern of the society; food security in China is a long-term issue and stabilizing food production is a long-term task.” 11th At the symposium on the reform and development of the nationwide “three rural” media held in Yonglian Village of Zhangjiagang, food security has aroused widespread concern among the participants.

Yonglian Village in Zhangjiagang is a typical example of wealth in Suzhou. Like other wealthy rural villages in southern Jiangsu, the main work of farmers has shifted to industry and service industries. Agricultural production accounts for a small proportion of the economic structure here.

Vice Minister of Agriculture Wei Chaoan said at the meeting that with the increase in population, the people’s living standards have increased, and the development of the agricultural product processing industry, the relative demand for grain has grown rigidly. According to calculations, China has roughly increased grain demand by about 10 billion kilograms each year, and at the same time, food varieties, quality structure, and regional structure are also facing new changes.

“With the improvement of people’s living standards in the future, especially the improvement of the living standards of peasants and the increase in the proportion of urban population, the demand for food will increase further, and the task of guaranteeing effective supply will become increasingly arduous.” Wei Zhaoan said.

In addition, with the shortage of arable land and water resources, the rural labor force is rapidly shifting. Currently, the per capita cultivated land in China is only 40% of the world average, and the utilization rate is only about half of the developed countries, especially in recent years, with global climate change, agriculture. Recurring disasters frequently threaten food production, and there are many challenges in stabilizing and improving comprehensive capacity for food production.

“It can be seen from this that the contradiction between the increase in food demand and tight supply will continue to exist for a certain period of time,” said Wei Zhaoan.

Regarding the issue of China's food security, the Deputy Director of the State Council Development Research Center Han Jun also had similar views.

In his view, one of the bottom lines of the policy to adhere to the path of agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics is to ensure the country’s food security.

“We can see that Yonglian Village in Zhangjiagang City has been highly industrialized, but there are rice fields; when all of our rice fields in southern Jiangsu disappeared, our modernization was unsuccessful because of the food security of more than 1.3 billion people in China. We cannot count on the safety of rations in particular, and we cannot count on relying mainly on imports.” Han Jun emphasized the importance of ensuring food security.

Since the founding of New China, the amount of grain in the first 30 years has risen from 200 billion kilograms to four levels, reaching 6,000 billion kilograms in 1979; the first 20 years of rural reform has increased from 600 billion kilograms to four more steps, reaching 100 billion in 1998. Jin; Seven consecutive years have been achieved in the last ten years, and more than 220 billion kilograms have been added in the past seven years.

However, in Han Jun’s view, the situation of food security production is still not optimistic. “Our comprehensive production capacity for grain has not risen to a new level, and we have not yet exceeded 1,100 billion jins. Therefore, China’s food security and balance of supply and demand for grain are fragile and tense. We must be prepared for danger in times of peace,” said Han Jun.

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