Initially know the Anzhen printer and its characteristics

The printer can also be called a line number machine, which has many categories: line number printers, label printers, label printers, and the like. Anzhen printing machine is a professional preparation for water needles, powder needles, ampoules, and boxes. It can be used for a variety of specifications. The ampoule printing machine equipped with the overrunning clutch can easily adjust the conveying mode and exchange the typeface or board. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, clear printing, high production efficiency and low labor intensity.

The main performance characteristics of the Ampo printer are as follows:

1. It adopts special imported UV ink to print on ink, the purple lamp is solidified, the printing effect is good, the adhesion is strong. 2. The printing part and the conveying part can be adjusted and controlled separately. When replacing the product, only simple adjustment is needed. 3. The whole machine adopts The international brand's electrical components ensure the stability of the whole machine. 4. Adopt PLC and high-precision transmission to ensure accurate and clear printing position. 5. Optional matching equipment for wiring. 6. After curing by special ink and violet light, printing quality Ok, after freezing, the writing is not off

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