Cold Shed Tomato Result Management

At the moment, the cold-sheafed tomatoes planted in the south-central region of our province have entered the fruiting period, which is a critical period for the production of tomato in the cold-shed. Here are the key points for the management of cold-shedding tomato.
1. Temperature management. When the outside air temperature is stable above 15°C, it is necessary to stay up late to release the air and prevent the high-temperature obstacles. Keep the daylight temperature no higher than 30°C and the nighttime no higher than 20°C. After entering the middle and late June, when the outside temperature rises and stabilizes, the film can be removed and turned into open field production.
2. Water and fertilizer management. Fertilizer is mainly based on chemical fertilizers. After each acre, 15 kg of nitrogen and potassium fertilizers are topdressed. Every 10 to 15 days, 1 fertilizer is followed and fertilizer and water are alternated. In the later stage of the results, in order to balance the growth of fruits and stems and leaves, 0.3% to 0.5% of potassium dihydrogen phosphate + 0.2% urea mixture sprayed on the foliar surface to enhance the late production capacity.
3. Flowers. In order to prevent tomatoes from falling or falling, in addition to maintaining the proper temperature for tomato growth, auxin can be used to preserve the fruit. At present, tomato flowers are often used in production. This regulator is relatively safe, not easy to produce abnormal fruit, but the efficacy is slow, to increase the activity must be to grasp the appropriate concentration, the appropriate concentration of 20 ~ 30 mg / kg. Pour the prepared liquid into the small sprayer and align the spray. When the flowers on one ear are sprayed with 2 or 3 sprays, spray the spray once.
4. Finish the plants. In production, cold shed tomatoes often use self-sealing type, generally leaving 4 to 5 spikes per plant, often using a single stalk pruning method, retaining the main branch, all the madness at the leaf pods were destroyed, when the After removing all the first and second ear fruits, in order to reduce the humidity in the field and maintain smooth ventilation, the lower old leaves and diseased leaves can be removed in time and taken out of the production field for deep-buried treatment.

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