China's Medical Device Trade Surplus or Shrinkage in 2011

The business club reported on March 2 that the growth rate of China's medical device import and export has basically recovered to the level before the international financial crisis in 2010, but the imbalance in medical equipment import and export trade is still prominent. Looking ahead to 2011, under the influence of the scarcity of worldwide resources and domestic inflation expectations, raw and auxiliary materials and power prices for grain, cotton, chemical products, water, electricity, gas, etc. will all show upward momentum, which will lead to the disruption of production activities of some enterprises. Timely delivery to foreign customers. The cost of labor for some enterprises has generally increased by 10% to 20%. This will also cause some international orders to shift to countries and regions such as ASEAN where labor costs are lower.

For China's medical device companies, which are generally settled in U.S. dollars, due to their long-term dependence on exchange rate spreads and their generally small profit margins, the continued appreciation of the renminbi will undoubtedly bring greater losses. Future industry competition and export quotation The risk will be higher. At the same time, the expansion of imports will be the focus of China's medical device import and export trade in 2011, and the country will introduce some policy measures to encourage imports.

In 2011, if China's medical device products can maintain the current international market share and expand, the annual export is expected to achieve a 15% growth, the growth rate of imports will be higher than exports, and the trade surplus is expected to shrink. It is estimated that the total import and export of medical devices in China will exceed 25 billion U.S. dollars in 2011.

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