Broiler Eating Method

Like eating and drinking, eating and drinking is a key link in the breeding of chickens. The morning and evening of eating will directly affect the appetite, digestion and growth of the newborn chicks. Chicks have small digestive organs and poor digestion. Eating too early is harmful to the digestive organs. However, due to the fast growth of chicks and the high metabolic rate, too late to eat will consume the energy of the young chicks and weaken them, affecting growth and survive.

It is best to eat during the day. When training for food, increase the intensity of light so that each chick can see the feed. In the mouth of the breeder, a call was made and the feed slowly and evenly spread from the hand to the feed pan or old newspaper, spreading and summoning, attracting chicken to eat, and several chicks were rushing to eat. Most chicks come to eat. At this time, the breeder should pay attention to observation, and the chicks who are not eating on the side should be caught in the middle of the chickens that ate to eat, so that the chicken that does not eat slowly learn to eat. About 30 minutes per feeding time, check the chick's crop about 80% full to stop spreading, reduce the light intensity to make it dark, or block the curtains and allow the chicks to rest. In the future, feed it again every 1 to 2 hours.

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