Understand the use and maintenance of refrigerated display cabinets

The freezer can bring us great convenience when using it, and provide us with fresh vegetables and cold drinks, but if you don't pay attention to the pre-preparation, the effect will be greatly reduced, so be sure to pay attention to it. Preparation before use.

1. First, you should read the instruction manual carefully before using the refrigerator, understand the correct usage and precautions, and then follow the instructions.

2. The newly purchased refrigerator can not be turned on immediately. It should be left for a few hours and then turned on again to prevent oil circuit failure.

3. After the machine is turned on, you can't put things in the refrigerator immediately. You should let it run for a few hours in an empty box. After confirming that the refrigerating effect is good, put the items that need to be refrigerated. After the accidental shutdown, you can't start the machine immediately, so as not to damage the condenser.

4, the refrigerator will definitely have a certain taste when it is used. Direct storage of food will affect the quality. Therefore, first put a deodorant bag inside, and then clean the items before cleaning.

Maintenance method of refrigerated display cabinet:

1. If there are not many items stored, you can place a slightly larger beverage bottle with salt water in the refrigerated display cabinet, so that the internal temperature difference of the cabinet can be balanced, thus reducing the number of compressors on and off and prolonging the service life of the compressor. .

2. If the use of the refrigerated display cabinet is open, avoid blowing the electric fan and air conditioner. The night curtain should be closed during non-business hours.

3. If the condenser of the refrigerated display cabinet is to be cleaned once every month with a fin type, the heat dissipation effect can be improved.

4. Refrigerated display cabinets are generally under the steel plate of the cabinet, so in a well-ventilated place, it is necessary to wipe off the dust outside the cabinet of the refrigerated display cabinet in time, so that the condensation effect of the condenser can be improved to improve the cooling effect. Power saving purposes.

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